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What to Do Once You’re a Homeowner

So you have signed the papers and closed on your new home! Now what? While you may think the process is over, there are some things you need to continue doing to ensure your first-time home journey is successful.

Don’t Stop Saving Your Money

When you own a home, unexpected expenses are a common occurrence. Your basement could flood, the hot water heater could break, or you may need to replace your roof. It is always important to have an emergency fund for these expenses so you are prepared for the surprises that can come with homeownership.

Keep up on Home Maintenance

You’ve made a major investment in your home, so be sure that you’re taking great care of it. With regular maintenance of your home, you can help protect the investment you’ve made while also decreasing repair costs by fixing issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

Have a Plan for Retirement that Doesn’t Rely on Selling Your Home

It is crucial to have savings for retirement, whether through your employer or an independent account that you manage yourself. You want to make sure you are saving the maximum in your retirement account every year.

While you may think you can fund your retirement with the sale of your home, you won’t necessarily make a huge sum on selling your home, so it’s best not to rely on this as a source of retirement income. However, your home could help fund some retirement expenses once you’ve paid off your mortgage. The money you were using on your mortgage can be allocated to cover your medical and other living expenses during your retirement.

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May 28, 2021

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