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At Gardner Moving, we are proud to have served the Pittsburgh area for four generations, starting in 1914. We established ourselves in the South Side of Pittsburgh, out of a stable using horses and wagons. The technology has changed since then but the Gardner family strives to continue to be your number one movers in Pittsburgh. We are proud to offer our customers in the greater Pittsburgh area highly trained and professional moving services. We are licensed and insured. Due to great demand, Gardner Moving is now offering apartment moving in Pittsburgh!

Apartment Moving Near MeWhy Hire a Mover for Apartments Moving

Apartments, apartment complexes, and college dorms often have strict rules and regulations that must be followed during a move. We will save you time and money because we understand these regulations that must be followed during these types of moves. By hiring Garner Moving, the number one movers in Pittsburgh, our professional team will move your belongings safely and quickly into these smaller spaces. We will make sure all surfaces are protected, as well as move your items safely! By hiring us, your move will go quickly and efficiently, making the rest of your move details easier to take care of on your big day!

Local Apartment Moving

Prior to moving from one apartment to another, consider the following suggestions.

  • Get rid of unnecessary items by donating or throwing things in the trash. Why move those old, broken chairs when you can trash them? This will help eliminate some extra manpower and time at both locations.
  • Make sure to inform your landlord in the correct timeframe! Different rentals have different rules when moving out.
  • Clean that old house! A thorough cleaning of your old apartment may prevent you from losing money. Leaving an apartment in bad shape or full of trash that needs to be hauled away, almost guarantees the loss of your security deposit. Make sure to document the condition of your apartment. This is easily done with your phone’s camera.
  • Make sure all of your bills are paid and that your utilities, if necessary, are transferred to your new home and the shut off date set up for your old home.
  • Don’t forget those extra spaces such as storage areas in the basement of your building. Make sure that you have gotten all of your things out of these areas so nothing is forgotten.

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The movers at Gardner Moving will take care of all the details surrounding your move. If you're ready for our movers to get to work, please give us a call today. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation in-home estimate.