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The True Cost of Moving

January 21, 2023

So you’ve finally saved up enough money for a down payment on a house. Congrats! But before you start packing your boxes and planning your dream home, it’s essential to be aware of the hidden costs of moving. From hiring professional movers to fixing up your new home, there are a variety of expenses that … Continue reading “The True Cost of Moving”

Moving boxes

7 Stress-Free Tips For Moving Day

November 18, 2022

Moving is no easy task! From planning to packing, there are a lot of things to consider while trying to ensure your move goes smoothly. At Gardner Moving, we’ve put together some tips on how to make your move stress-free. 1. Start Early The earlier you start, the less rushed you’ll feel on moving day. … Continue reading “7 Stress-Free Tips For Moving Day”

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Moving from an Apartment to a House

July 8, 2022

Purchasing your first home is a major moment in your life, full of excitement and new beginnings. You’ll have the chance to create a space that is all your own when you go from renting to owning. This process does, however, come with new responsibilities. To help ease your transition from an apartment to a … Continue reading “Moving from an Apartment to a House”

Home For Sale

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

June 13, 2022

Tips for Selling Your Home Getting ready to sell your home can be a stressful experience. There are many things that need to be done, from preparing the home for selling to packing your belongings. Don’t let the stress of moving get you down; Gardener Moving has put together a guide to help you get … Continue reading “Getting Your Home Ready to Sell”

Home Decorating

Decorating Tips for Your New Home

May 26, 2022

Decorating your new home can be a fun experience, but it can also be overwhelming. To help alleviate some of this stress, Gardner Moving has put together some expert tips and tricks for decorating your new home. Start with a Floorplan You’ll first need to gather the measurements of the room you want to decorate, … Continue reading “Decorating Tips for Your New Home”

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How to Prepare Your Furniture for a Move

April 9, 2022

When preparing for your move, there are several things to check off your list. One of these things is preparing your furniture. There are a few ways you can prepare your furniture to make it easier to manage during the move and help prevent it from becoming damaged in the moving process.

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