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Moving Tips this Holiday Season

Tips for a Successful Move in Pittsburgh

The holidays are upon us, a typically busy and sometimes, stressful season. But what if during all of those parties and holiday dinners, you are planning a move: does this make you cringe just thinking about it? At Gardner Moving, your residential moving company in Pittsburgh, we offer some tips on making this job less cringe-worthy.

Timing is Everything 

The Saturday before Christmas is the worst day to move! Think about all of the shoppers out on the road during this busy day of last minute shopping. It could be next too impossible to find places for movers to park, especially if you are in the vicinity of places to shop. Even after hiring your local moving company, Gardner Moving, you may have friends helping with the move. They will have a very hard time finding and keeping parking spots during this busy day. The price for a move the Saturday before Christmas may be increased because of higher demand, heavy traffic, and because their crew has to work on an inconvenient day.

The week before Christmas is also considered an undesirable time to move, because of the exact same reasons as listed above. You need to consider what day is Christmas and account for the heavy traffic surrounding that day. In 2018, Christmas is a Tuesday so busy days on the road may last from Friday until Monday.

Aim for a mid-morning move during the work week to get around the holiday shoppers, rush hour, and the party crowd. Gardner Moving, your residential moving company in Pittsburgh is here to help you plan your move during this holiday season.

Additional Holiday Moving Tips 

  • Make a budget and stick to it! In addition to all of your moving expenses, it’s the holidays, and additional funds are probably a necessity. Plan ahead with your loved ones that are involved with the move. Determine an end of the year budget so that your money is spent wisely and without an extra end-of-the-year financial crisis.
  • Be sure to pack your holiday décor and presents separately. If you end up just shoving the holiday décor into the half-full box of miscellaneous kitchen items, it may be extremely difficult to find them upon arrival. We all know the holidays are a time for giving and many people love to beautify their homes. Keeping track of these items will make your holiday season brighter.
  • Prepare for the weather. Moving during the winter can present it’s own challenges that you want to be aware of before your move.
  • Hire your local moving company, Gardner Moving, to complete your move over the holidays, quickly, safely, and affordable.

Moving during the holiday season does not need to make your season more stressful or unaffordable. With a little planning and the help of your residential moving providers in Pittsburgh, your move will be over in time for your holiday dinner.

December 3, 2018

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