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4 Helpful Tips for Your Winter Move

We get it – moving during the winter sounds dreadful. The snowy, cold weather makes more of an enemy than a friend, but you are surely not going to pass up your dream home or new job opportunity because of a potential winter move.
Pittsburgh local moving company Gardner Moving suggests you follow The Four P’s when moving during winter: PlanPackPrepare and Protect. Here is everything you need to know about moving during the winter.

Tip #1: Plan around the weather

Just like the saying goes, you can’t predict the weather. And in Western Pennsylvania, it is downright impossible. Cold air blows in from the Great Lakes and we end up in a deep freeze; a day later warmer, moist air moves up from the south and we are knee deep in snow. There is simply nothing you can do about finicky weather patterns, so planning with them in mind is your best bet in dealing with it. Ask a few local moving companies what their policies are due to a winter weather delay.

And, always consider a few backup moving days when you’re moving things yourself – especially if you are recruiting friends.

Tip #2: Pack for the cooler temps

Colder temperatures make things like delicate glass, porcelain and household electronics more susceptible to damage. Be sure to bubble-wrap, plastic-wrap, tissue-wrap (whatever-wrap!) your valued items with an additional layer of protective insulation.

If you have the original box for things like your TV, reuse them as they were created for safe transportation during the hauling process from factory to store.

Consider loading sensitive items last, so you can unload them first.

Tip #3: Prepare the exterior of your home

Prior to the movers arriving at your current home, be sure walkways and paths are clear of snow and ice. Remember to also prepare the exterior at your new house. Avoid the risk of movers slipping and falling and shovel any snow, throw some salt down and clear any icicles that could pose any risks during moving.

Tip # 4: Protect the inside of the home

Sure, you’re going to clean your new house from top to bottom before you totally unpack, but there is no reason to let everyone trash it with their soppy boots. However, insisting everyone remove their shoes each time they unload something from the moving van is a bit unrealistic.

In a few designate places around your home, secure drop clothes or tarps down with tape, so the movers can place your items in a specific spot for you to unpack – sans wet boots!

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