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If you’ve never moved before, packing can be an intimidating task and has probably caused you to come up with a variety of packing questions that you need to have answered. At Gardner Moving, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common packing questions to help you get your move started the right way!

How should I organize my items prior to moving?

It is recommended that you go room by room, organizing items into three different categories. Make a pile of items you want to keep, items you want to donate, and items that are going to be thrown away. By organizing using this method, you only pack up what you need, and you make your items more manageable.

What packing supply essentials do I need for my move?

The essentials you will need for your move include blankets, tape, boxes, rope for securing lose items, as well as a moving truck or trailer.

Is there somewhere I can get free moving supplies and boxes?

Moving is a common task that many of us complete at some point or another in our lives. Once someone finishes their move, they may have supplies they no longer need. Check out places such as the Facebook marketplace to find people who are giving away their extra moving supplies. You can also check with local stores such as Walmart, Rite Aid, liquor stores, and more for free boxes. You should browse websites like Facebook Marketplace a few weeks prior to moving day to ensure you are prepared.

What is the best way to pack dishes for my move?

Start by layering the bottom of your box with paper or packing peanuts. Then, wrap each of your plates with bubble wrap and stand each dish up in the box to keep them secure after they are all tightly packed, but sure to label the box as FRAGILE.

What is the best way to pack the moving truck?

When you begin loading your moving truck, start with the heaviest item first, including furniture and appliances. These should be secured with fasteners, so they don’t slide around the truck during transport. You will then want to add in the remaining bulkier items and then fill the truck with the boxes.  If you have any fragile items or electronic, consider placing these in your personal vehicle to keep them more secure. If you want more help packing for your move, read our complete packing checklist.

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