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Why You Need Professional Piano Movers 

Moving a piano from one place to another is a delicate process. You need to hire experienced piano movers who will take care of such an important investment. Whether your piano is played every day or is a part of your home’s décor, it should be moved responsibly.

Pianos are unlike anything else in your home.  Their size, weight, and function mean that you will have to be very careful while moving them. If you are considering piano movers in Pittsburgh, this is what you should know.

Why Is It So Difficult to Move a Piano?

  • The Size and Shape: Pianos are very large, but unlike other oversized objects such as a couch or a TV stand, pianos come with many parts. The instruments rests on narrow legs, has keys, hammers, strings, and a lid. Each of these must be protected during a move. Moving a piano up and down stairs, through tight passages, or even getting a piano through a regular doorway can be very difficult without damaging the piano or the walls.
  • Weight: The materials used to design a piano are heavy, and that means that you’ll need more than two people to get the piano moved to its new location. This isn’t simply a job for a dolly. Instead, you’ll need special equipment. Don’t ever try to move this instrument with a couple of your friends. It’s likely that someone will get hurt, or that the piano will be damaged, especially if it’s accidentally dropped.
  • Transportation: A piano has to properly strapped into a moving truck and then cushioned in order to safely transport it and protect it. In some cases, for a very long drive, you may require a special vehicle. Never move a piano using a pickup truck! The many parts of the piano will become damaged.

Remember, once the process is finished, it’s important to hire a piano tuner to re-tune the instrument, because moving a piano will affect how the sound is produced.


Only Hire a Professional to Move Your Piano

Gardner Moving is proud to be Pittsburgh’s piano moving specialists. Whether you have to move your piano across the street, across town, or further away, we’re here to help make the move a smooth one.

If you need to move a piano as part of moving to a new house, or just because you’re buying or selling one, give Gardner Moving a call.

March 6, 2018

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