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Tips for First Time Movers

Apartment life has its advantages but there comes a time when you know it is time to move on. Gardner Moving, your moving company in Pittsburgh, want your transition to be as smooth as possible. After all the ink has dried on the paperwork and all of the boxes are packed, this moving guide can help you along into a wonderful adventure of home ownership!

Purge and Purchase

Your new home is an accomplishment. Proudly display your beautiful things throughout your home. Trash items you no longer need or want, or better yet, have a yard sale and raise some extra cash to help pay for the new equipment you will need at your new home. Get rid of that second-hand couch and purchase furniture that will last and means something to you! New furniture that looks beautiful in your home at the beginning of your relationship can be the start of many wonderful memories.

Do you need yard tools? Your landlord may have taken care of this for you before and now you will need equipment to take care of your yard possibly including a lawnmower! Make plans to purchase a shovel, trowel, rake, and other handy items to take care of your yard. You will also need tools to fix things around your house: no more phone call to the landlord to fix that leaky faucet!

Inspection/Walk Through

If at all possible, have a home inspection done and walk through the house yourself with the inspector, taking notes of what needs to be repaired. If there are fixes that need to be done, make a request that the seller takes care of these prior to purchase.

Before You Move In

Many tasks are much easier done prior to moving your furniture and boxes into your new home. Clean and spray for bugs if necessary. Paint your home as you see fit. Make sure to forward your mail to your new home. You can even plug in power strips prior to your move! What a timesaver and so simple with the furniture.

Day of/After Moving

Figure out where the fuse box is, the water heater, change the air filters, make sure your toilets and sinks aren’t running (money drain!), and make a maintenance checklist. The checklist can be annual, semi-annual, and quarterly/monthly, or set it up however you feel is best. Most important is to have the checklist so your house maintenance does not get missed.

Most importantly, have a day of move box, with garbage bags, hand sop, toilet paper, extension cords, dinnerware, a lamp, and a shower curtain and rings. Having these items handy will help with your first day transition, keeping essentials close.

Contact Your Local Movers

Gardner Moving, your movers in Pittsburgh, are able to offer more suggestions and our customer service is able to help with any of your moving queries. Give us a call today!

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