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Moving With Seniors

Planning a move can be a difficult task at any age, but it can also be an exciting time in your life. When it comes to moving with seniors, there are a few special considerations, such as transitioning to a retirement home or moving into an apartment or smaller home, where downsizing may be required.

At Gardner Moving, we are in the business of making your move smooth and easy, so we have put together a guide with tips for moving with seniors.

Common Senior Housing Options for a Move

There are a variety of reasons for a move. Maybe you want to be closer to family and friends, are looking to downsize your living space, or you want to gain support from a caregiver.

Retirement Community

In this type of community, seniors can socialize with their peers, participate in activities and trips, and gain access to a network of support beyond their immediate family.

Assisted Living Community

This type of community is designed to help seniors who require assistance in their daily life but do not require the level of medical care provided by a nursing home. Seniors gain access to dressing, housekeeping, hygiene, and other tasks in these communities. They are also provided meals, participate in group activities, and can socialize with other residents.

Smaller Home or Apartment

For seniors who want to be closer to family and friends or want a smaller living space will often choose to move into a smaller home or an apartment for a more manageable living space. Often, seniors will look for a space with more accessibility, such as a single-floor home or walk-in showers.

Determining the Right Time for a Senior to Move

Moving as a senior comes with various benefits, but it can also be a stressful time for individuals and families. Moving to a new home, apartment or community can be difficult as you say goodbye to a home where you are comfortable and things are familiar. It can be difficult to move and know the right time to transition to a new home. Here are some reasons it may be time to consider a move:

Seeking more social interaction. If an older adult feels alone or isolated, it may be best to move to a retirement or assisted living community to receive more social support.

Experienced a loss of a loved one or spouse. The passing of a spouse or close loved one can leave an older adult with new tasks and responsibilities being suddenly introduced as they are grieving. This loss can also create feelings of loneliness and isolation. Moving closer to family and friends or in a retirement community can provide seniors with the support and socialization they need.

Suffering from a medical condition. If an older adult has a medical condition that will require more care as time goes on, a move into an assisted living community may be the right choice.

How do I Prepare for a Move?

Moving is a challenging task and can take a toll on families emotionally and physically. To help make a move with seniors as smooth as possible, prepare for the move by following these tips:

Plan early. Planning before the need to move is urgent will allow you to have a place picked out and a plan prepared before the need to move arises. Begin researching your options now and plan for what the move may look like to help make moving day easier.

Look for the right fit. Take the time to research homes, retirement and assisted living communities, and apartments and find one that meets your needs. Check out the floor plans, amenities, services, and care options. Make a list of your favorites, and be sure to visit them to learn more about the environment and to ask any questions you may have. Keep the cost of living in mind as well.

Take the time to downsize. If you plan to move from a large home to a smaller home or apartment, you will need to downsize some of your belongings. You can begin this process by donating any clothes, furniture, or other items you will no longer need for your new home. Be sure to set aside your important and sentimental items. You don’t have to get rid of the things you love. Downsizing is simply a process to help you reduce your possession to what is useful to you or meaningful.

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August 30, 2021

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