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Last-Minute Packing Tips for Your Move

Moving can take a lot of effort and attention to detail, so in most cases, it is recommended that you have 3-4 weeks to prepare for your move, but as you may already know, life happens fast. This may result in the need for a last-minute move.

Whether you didn’t have a lot of lead time finding out you have to move or you procrastinated a little too much and now your home is mostly unpacked and the movers are due in a couple of days, Gardner Moving has put together some last-minute packing tips to help you get your packing finished up!

Figure out the Logistics Your Move

It can be a daunting task to move, especially on short notice, so it’s essential to start with hiring a moving company or renting a moving truck. If you plan to hire a moving company, be sure to choose someone you can trust. Gardner moving is an experienced and professional moving company that can help you handle your move and ensure that your move is completed with care and efficiency.

Getting the logistics worked out first will help get things in motion and will make it easier to work on the other aspects of your move.

Lighten Your Load

When you are moving at the last minute, packing is key, so to make packing easier, try getting rid of things that you don’t need before you start packing. Go through your closets, cabinets, and each room and pull out the items that you no longer use or no longer want. As you are pulling these items, separate them into piles for donating, recycling, and throwing away.

After you’ve gone through your items, get rid of them. Take out your trash and recycling and take your donations to the nearest thrift store, local food pantry, or animal shelter. Larger items such as furniture that you need to donate, in some cases, can be picked up by local charities.

Set Your Essential Items Aside

A last-minute move can be chaotic, so it is recommended that you to take essentials such as medications, important documents, daily toiletries, chargers, and a couple of changes of clothes and pack them in a separate bag so you can easily access them as you handle your move.

Don’t Overthink Your Packing

When packing at the last minute, you have to focus on getting the items packed into a box rather than perfectly organizing them. You may not be able to sort them exactly how you want or keep an organized, itemized list, but getting things packed quickly is the focus for a move like this.

Place items into the boxes they fit in, and don’t worry about having a “theme” for each box. You can even skip labeling the boxes, just be sure to make which ones have fragile items. You can also use softer items like socks and blankets to wrap your fragile items, saving you time and money on packing and supplies.

To save space and stay organized, only set up a box as you need it. Once a box is full and taped shut, open a new box. You will also want to pack your clothes as they are. If your clothes are hanging in a closet, use a strong garbage bag to cover them and tie the strings to the hangers. You may also consider Keeping your dresser drawers intact, removing them from the dresser, and wrapping them in packing material. You may also consider keeping your entire dresser as is as long as it isn’t too heavy.

Professional Residential Moving Services

As your number one local movers in Pittsburgh, Gardner Moving has the tools and the skills needed to help take some of the stress of moving off of you and help you complete your move in a safe and efficient way. Don’t let moving stress you out, call Gardener Moving today for professional, customer-focused service that will help put you at ease throughout this process.

February 19, 2020

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