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How Long Before Moving Should I Pack?

You have searched high and low and after many weeks, months, or possibly years of looking, you have found your new home! It’s an exciting time with many things to do prior to your move. One of the biggest jobs to do is deciding when and how to pack for your move. Here at Gardner Moving, your local moving company in Pittsburgh, we are determined to make your move the smoothest it can possibly be. We are here to help! We offer you the following tips in packing for your move.

Where and When to Start 

A general rule of thumb is to give yourself at least six weeks to pack all of your things. You will be able to take your time and go through all of your things and decide what to take with you, what stays (trash) and what, if any, goes in storage. If you already have a storage unit, be sure to give yourself time to traverse what is in the unit so as not to move additional unnecessary items that are already in the unit. Giving yourself this length of time will help to keep your stress level low. Most people do their own packing, even with hiring their local movers, Gardner Moving, to actually move their things. You will have to be sure that you have all of the needed supplies to begin your packing (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markers, etc) prior to beginning this big job.


Be sure to pack items that are not going to be needed in the near future first. For example, if you are moving in the colder months, pack your summer clothing and beach chairs first. You may still need your winter blankets and clothes before you move. Be sure to write on the boxes, after they are packed, exactly what is in the box, instead of just “kitchen”; there is no need to go through three boxes of kitchen items just to find that bag of coffee filters. Keep a running inventory: list and number the boxes so if a box disappears, you know exactly what is missing and can talk to the moving company about that exact box and items.


Keep Your Things Safe 

If a box is fragile, mark it clearly as such, on the top and the sides. Your local Pittsburgh moving company will handle the fragile boxes with great care, along with all of your other things, to prevent any breakage. Use sheets, towels, blankets, and any other bedding as packing to keep fragile items safe. For furniture, make sure it is ready to go, disassembled if necessary, and wrapped in furniture padding to prevent scratching. Place all parts of the furniture in a plastic zipper bag and tape to the piece of furniture to which it belongs: this will help to keep everything organized.  Make sure boxes are not too heavy and that all glassware and other breakables are protected by something such as bubble wrap.

Contact your local Pittsburgh movers today, Gardner moving for help with your upcoming move.

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