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Holiday Storage Tips

The holiday season has come and gone and now it is time to move forward into a bright and shiny new year, full of the promise of new beginning. What better way to begin than to try something new and store your holiday goods, décor, and accessories in a new and better way! Many of us love our holiday decorations but have limited space to keep them in our homes. The team at Gardner Moving wants you to know that storage in Pittsburgh is available at our climate controlled, secure units. In the meantime, before moving your holiday supplies into our storage units in Pittsburgh, use the following guide to organize your holiday treasures.

Open First Box

Make an “open first” box. This would contain items you need early in the holiday such as holiday dishes, cookie cutters, festive china, baking dishes, etc. The “open first” box would be kept in an easily accessible area, in the front of your storage unit in Pittsburgh.

Tool Kit 

Have your holiday tool kit available when you are packing up: plastic bins, zip lock bags, markers, tape, scissors. These items can help you organize the rest of your goodies.

  • Create a bag for wire ornament hangers
  • Ribbon, wire, twisty ties, and wire ties all get a separate bag
  • Bag up spare holiday light bulbs
  • Don’t forget a box for wrapping paper and tape

Be sure to document what is in the bags and boxes so you can find everything easily next year!

Safe Decorations 

If you have small children or pets, make sure that you have a designated box for safe vs. unsafe decorations.

Ornaments and Display 

  • Keep display items that are meant to be displayed together in the same box
  • Wrap fragile ornaments to prevent breakage: bubble wrap, newspaper, or plastic will all do the trick
  • Pay attention to string lights and untangle them before packing them up: use the plastic holder they were packaged with to store them or uses a paper towel roll to thread them threw and keep them from getting tangled through the year

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Getting organized prior to moving your holiday gear to your storage unit will save you a lot of hassle next year and you can contact our Pittsburgh movers to help transport your storage! Contact Gardner Moving for your storage unit today!

January 24, 2019

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