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Biggest Moving Fails

If you are planning to move on your own, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid, ensuring your move is organized and smooth. Gardner Moving has put together a comprehensive list of mistakes and how to avoid them from forgetting to clean your refrigerator before the move or not having enough packing supplies.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Time to Pack

Packing up your entire home is not a simple one- or two-day job. Packing is the most important item on your moving to-do list. Failing to approach packing with urgency, organization, and dedication can be a major mistake during your move.

Packing is a very time-consuming process and can’t be completed in just a couple of days. It will likely take double the time you think you’ll need. To stay organized and properly pack up your home, follow these tips to make packing easier:

  • Begin the packing process as soon as you know you are moving into a new home for certain or within the next day of confirming the move. It’s important to avoid procrastinating to ensure you aren’t just throwing items into boxes to get them done in time.
  • It can be difficult to manage packing up an entire home alone, so be sure to enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member to assist you.
  • Consider creating a packing calendar to help you set a packing schedule to stay on track and organized. Start with the hardest rooms to sort and pack, such as the basement, spare rooms, and attic, as well as the kitchen. You can then start working your way to the living room, bedrooms, etc.

Not Using Quality Packing Materials

We all want to save on costs, so when you can get free boxes for your move, it can be tempting to jump at the chance. Before taking any boxes for your move, it is important to check the quality of the boxes you accept. Not all boxes are created equal when it comes to using them for a move.

If you plan on using secondhand boxes for your move, be sure to inspect the boxes to ensure they are:
Dry– You want to make sure there are no wet areas on the boxes. If the box is wet in spots, it will compromise the durability of the box, leading to moving day accidents.
Clean– Take a close look at each box and do not accept any secondhand boxes that are dirty.
Durable-Inspect the box for strength and make sure it has the proper flaps on the box to ensure your items will be protected while moving.
Using secondhand boxes for your move is acceptable if you thoroughly inspect the boxes before using them.

Thinking That Operating a Moving Truck is Simple

One major mistake that DIY movers make is thinking that driving a rental truck is no different from driving a car. Unfortunately, driving a moving truck is far different from operating a smaller passenger car, especially if you are driving across the state or the country.

Before moving the rental truck, you need to make sure it has been packed properly to ensure the cargo weight has been correctly distributed. Your items also need to be properly secured, so they don’t move around and become damaged while moving them. Driving a moving can be challenging, especially at longer distances, so to prepare, follow these tips:

  • Be easy on the brakes. You want to avoid braking suddenly to prevent throwing the truck off balance.
  • Build speed gradually. Accelerating quickly can increase fuel usage and can also cause your items to shift.
  • Avoid overtaking other vehicles unless necessary and take extra care when changing lanes.
  • Keep at least 4 seconds behind other vehicles, so you have time to stop if needed. A moving truck can’t stop as quickly as a car.
  • Watch for overhead clearance signs, and do not attempt to go under an underpass unless you are sure the moving truck will fit.

Forgetting About Accident and Injury Prevention

When completing a DIY move, some mistakes can result in serious pain and injury. The major difference between a DIY move and a move completed by professional movers is the level of safety. Professional movers, like the team at Gardner Moving, are trained on how to reach and maintain the highest level of safety while conducting a move for the protection of your property and personal safety.

If you plan to complete a move yourself, remember that accident and injury prevention should be your top priorities. To keep your move on the safe side, follow these tips:

  • Always use common sense. Before moving heavy items like furniture, check to make sure that the path is clear of obstacles, you have the proper moving equipment for the job, such as moving straps and a dolly, and that you know the proper way to lift to avoid injury. You also want to make sure to wear work gloves to protect your hands and wear shoes with proper traction and ankle support.
  • Keep children and pets safe. With all the action that goes on during the moving day, be sure to keep pets and children away from the hustle and bustle to keep them safe and prevent accidents.
  • Pack with care. You want to make sure to double tape all boxes, use plenty of packing paper, bubble wrap, or pieces of clothing to properly cushion your items, and don’t overpack your containers or boxes. You should keep all moving boxes at about 40 pounds or less each.

Not Considering Professional Movers

You may be under the impression that using professional movers for your move will be too expensive. While this is a common way of thinking, the truth is it is difficult to make that assumption since the cost of moving services is unique to each move. There are a variety of factors that affect the final cost of using professional movers.

So, while a friend of yours may have had a high price for moving, it doesn’t mean that you will. Therefore it is important to get a quote from your moving company to see what you’re working with. There are times where moving may be cheaper when done yourself, such as situations where:

  • You are moving within a 100-mile radius and do not need to cross state lines.
  • You are moving to a new location in the same city.
  • You’ve organized a move on your own before.
  • You have reliable help from family and friends.

If you don’t meet most of the situations above, it’s best to consider working with professional movers. They will be able to handle your items without damage, drive your items to your new home, and do all the heavy lifting for you. Professional movers are reliable, and they have the right equipment and knowledge for the job, taking the pressure off you.

Before you decide to DIY your move, consider working with the efficient, safe, and professional movers at Gardner Moving. Contact us today for a quote!

September 28, 2021

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