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Best Way To Organize a Storage Unit

Self-storage is an easy way to organize and keep all of your extra stuff, but sometimes, there is so MUCH stuff that organization can be difficult. Here at Gardner Moving, we want to provide Pittsburgh with the best self-storage units that money can buy, but first, we want to offer up some tips on organizing your storage unit. A little bit of planning can help with the self-storage unit issues in the future!


Your self-storage unit in Pittsburgh may contain a variety of seasonal items, from winter clothes and gear to summer clothes and equipment. The trick is to know what you might need at the drop of a hat. Will you have wrapping paper in your unit? What about important documents? Below is a list of commonly used items that are often stored in a storage unit:

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Seasonal gear
  • Kids toys and gear
  • Important documents
  • Holiday items (wrapping paper, decorations, bakeware)
  • Trip supplies (camping gear, backpacking supplies, luggage)

Of these commonly stored items, which might you need quickly? Look at the list and decide how you will organize your unit so you can easily access those items you will need soon. Any furniture you are storing should be placed up against the walls, out of the way, with the boxes you need easily accessible and easy to move in and out of the unit. Having a Storage Unit Master Plan of Organization can be very helpful in this situation: planning your storage unit layout can help with time management in the future. You also want to make sure you have the right-sized storage unit to fit all your items.


The boxes you choose for your storage unit in Pittsburgh with Gardner Moving is just as relevant as the items you place into the box. Choose boxes that are medium size and that are stackable: large boxes can get too heavy and cumbersome while small boxes are just that: too small. Label the boxes with room names or use a numeric system for each room, to clearly state the contents of each box. It may be wise to write out a Master Contents List for each box, so nothing that is stored in your storage unit is ever forgotten.


For a long term self-storage solution, buy shelving for the unit. For the shorter term units, stack the boxes, heaviest on the bottom. Stacking boxes or using shelves will save space and make it easier to move around and find exactly what you are looking for.


Create a very simple, hand-drawn map, kept in your storage unit, of your organization. Your map can be set up in four quadrants, and easily broken down so that all of your boxes are listed clearly. Keep the map in your unit so that it is easy to find and use when it is needed.

August 7, 2019

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